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Happy Multi-tasking Day!

May you have a chaos free day

A big thank you to everyone who has shared their Multitasking tips so far. We have received so many great tips with loads more still coming in. Keep checking our Facebook page for more chances to win some delicious prizes!

These are some of the great tips we have received so far:

“Schedule work-free family time. Life is busy and it's all too easy to be on the go all the time.” – Rachael Dunseath, MD and founder of Myroo Skincare

“It is essential to make a ‘to do’ list and estimate how long each task should take to enable the day to be planned” Yunus Lunat, Ison Harrison, The Law Society

“Catch up on emails whilst out in the fields with the pooch” – Deanie, Facebook community

“Set reminders on your phone to do things online at times you are likely to be child free (lunch breaks, just before heading home or nap times)” – Helen, Facebook community

“We bought a 15 minutes timer to use in meetings - It helps us to focus on our priorities and use the time for what really matters” Stephen Hiller, The Media Group

Stayed tuned for more great updates!

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